Opening its doors well over 20 years ago, Montana Foods has developed from a small family business to a significant operation through ever increasing demand for its wide range of products.

Montana Foods reputation for quality and service are seen as the key elements that has created solid growth year after year. Montana Foods multi-award winning success has also been attributed to its focus of using only the freshest natural local ingredients, handpicked and delivered daily from farms across the country.

The need to secure quality yoghurt supply for use in the expanding dip business was solved in 2004 with the acquisition of a small boutique yoghurt company.

Then in 2006 the Fresh Cheese Company invested in Montana Foods with a strategy to build sales through shared distribution platforms to grow the company into a major manufacturer of yoghurt and condiments. Both manufacturing businesses operate together at the new factory located in Broadmeadows, Victoria. All the products are sold through the sales and marketing arm, The Provedore Group.

Today, Montana Foods has grown significantly and offers wider variety of gourmet products under four separate brands; Chef’s Delight, Three Foodies, Simply Yoghurt and The Provincial Dairy. Each brand signifies a different product range adding to the company’s strength and versatility in the gourmet food industry.

The Chefs Delight brand, offers a selection of innovative pestos, original and traditional dips, seafood dips and a selection of tapenades, all of which are available in both retail and food service packaging. A range of chilli sauces and antipasto products are available under the Chef’s Delight brand. All these products have been created to enable use within a wide variety of culinary applications.

Our passionate and talented team are dedicated to the art of manufacturing fine gourmet products and our commitment to quality, service and a love of fine food has created a company as the standard by which others are judged.